I was almost ready to go out in the morning in the predicted frigid weather; I had my gloves tucked in my pockets, my gigantic scarf snugly wrapped around my neck, and my large green coat which always reminded me of the one Anastasia wore in the 1997 movie before she suddenly lost all of her personality (post boat scene). I had everything. That is, everything but a hat.

I had trouble choosing between two hats. One was my precious New York Rangers hat; the other was a plain old white hat that probably went along with my coat much better than my Rangers hat but did not fit as well. But that wasn’t the reason why I was indecisive this morning. Nope. The real reason was pretty pathetic (almost as much as this last-minute blog post!) Let me run through what my thought process was this morning:

The Rangers are playing against the lightning today so of course it would be a perfect day to show my NYR pride but I haven’t been wearing the hat in a while and the Rangers have been winning lately so what if wearing this hat makes them lose tonight or even worse what if this hat puts them on a losing streak and they fail to make it to the playoffs for the first time in like 7 years(?) what if my other hat is my lucky hat should i wear that hat would it add on to a winning streak that would place them above the penguins would it lead them to the eastern conference finals and then the stanley cup finals would they win in their first stanley cup since 1994 it would be such a nice graduation gift if they won. 

I ended up wearing the Rangers hat.

I guess my logical side took over me, and I’m glad it did, because it was cold. I only wish it had earlier because I would’ve went out faster and caught the earlier train to school (just kidding, who would want to get to school early?)

But tonight’s loss against Tampa definitely proves my superstitions right. Wearing my Rangers hat was a mistake. I don’t think I’ll ever wear it again. Until, of course, I force myself to wear it and the Rangers win. Then I’d be wearing it everyday. Until I wear it and they lose again. But by that time it would be spring and that loss would result in the elimination from the playoffs. Unless it was a loss in the first couple of games. Then that would mean that they still have a chance. But knowing them they would get eliminated nonetheless.

Anyways, LGR!!!