Senioritis hit me so hard I can’t even come up with a corny simile to show how much of an effect it’s been having on me.

I spent half of last weekend moaning about my revoked streaming and TV privileges and the other half watching AMVs (yeah, I know I’m a nerd) instead of catching up on my schoolwork. I also stayed up late last night because I had a sudden impulse to give myself a henna tattoo and barely slept because I was too worried I would get my bed stained by the henna.

The result: a really, really cranky senior who pressed the snooze button of her alarm for the first time in her life. Intentionally.

I somehow made it past the door on time this morning but not without any whining. I prayed that I would never have to wake up that early ever again after graduation and asked myself why I couldn’t just sleep for another 6 hours and binge-watch the rest of season 2 of VLD or read that Spidey comic I haven’t gotten the chance to open yet or give myself more henna tattoos. But the moment I turned towards Steinway as I made my way to the subway station and looked up from the cars that had stopped for me to cross, I felt a pang of guilt because it looked so beautiful.

It was powder blue with streaks of white and shots of orange, pink and purple. It had never looked like that before, but then again, it always seemed to surprise me. My “Millennial” instincts would have impelled me to pull out my phone and take a photo, but I’d learned long ago that no photo could do it justice. I just walked and enjoyed the view, noting to myself that if I had come any earlier or any later, it may have not looked so amazing.

I have 4-ish months to go of waking up at an unnatural time in the morning, but if it means that I get to see the early morning sky, I guess it’s okay for now.