Whenever I put on my earbuds, they never come off, until my siblings swipe them from my ears and yell at me for listening to music while I do my work. Luckily, today my sister was at an afternoon class and my brother was too busy finishing up his high school applications to notice that I was listening to music while doing my work.

It was great to finally be left alone with my music after spending the entire weekend working on my college applications (which I’m still not done with). Today, I spent my afternoon with James Newton Howard’s score for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I finally watched the movie last Friday (I know it’s been two weeks since it came out, but once again, college apps!) and it was pretty great. I’m going to spare you all from my unrestrained gushingover how precious Newt Scamander is and how I want my own Bowtruckle, but also of my rant about the lack of diversity in the film (it takes place in the 20’s in NYC, c’mon people) and–*spoiler(?)*– Johnny Depp.

But anyways, I didn’t pay attention much to music while I was at the movies as I normally do. Film scores are my favorite to listen to, especially when I’m working alone or just feel like sitting down to think. Most are often solemn, or mellow, but each is unique and stir up different emotions. I was surprised for not even being able to remember the theme of the movie, but when I first sat down to listen to the soundtrack as I usually do after I watch a movie, I realized why.

There was nothing that could make me recall some of the scenes from the movie. Nothing heart-wrenching about it. Nothing that could put me in a state of bliss. Nothing that could make me nostalgic for the old Harry Potter movies.

I thought it was me. I turned up the volume and disregarded my work for a few minutes, listening intently to the music, but none of it caught my attention.

I replayed it from the start anyways, determined that there would be something at least that would be worth returning to or adding to my playlist. Yet, I forgot that there was music playing into my ears after a while, and I refocused on my work, until I finally noticed a soft piano melody. No, it wasn’t Hedwig’s Theme. But it was still nice.

Still, I can’t help but ask, does anyone know if either John Williams or Alexandre Desplat is free in, like, two years?