A Nighttime Reverie

Ignore the cringy name

Martin Mystère

"Diana Lambart," I say, trying to mimic the A.I. of "The Center" as my sister sits in front of her computer, streaming another episode of Martin Mystery while she eats her lunch. "Clear." "Lombard," she corrects me, frustrated for the third time that... Continue Reading →


To Wear the Hat Or Not to Wear the Hat

That is the question

Why am I so emotionalllllll

Most people who know me will eventually get to know (if they haven't already) that I cry over pretty much everything, like the movie Baghban (I've cried at every single minute of it, even though it's extremely hyperbolic), or over Tumblr headcanons... Continue Reading →


I wish I could say that I go out to lunch regularly, whether to chill in the courtyard (I'm pretty sure people actually don't do that), take a quick trip to the deli, or somehow travel all the way to... Continue Reading →

Morning Strolls

Senioritis hit me so hard I can't even come up with a corny simile to show how much of an effect it's been having on me. I spent half of last weekend moaning about my revoked streaming and TV privileges and... Continue Reading →

Holiday Season (I’m feeling too tired to come up with a better title)

I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away. What I can believe is that my Calculus extra credit project and my computer science writing assignment is due in four days. And that I need to get Humans of... Continue Reading →

Living Spoiler-Free

I hate surprises. Sure, they aren't the bane of my existence, but I still despise them enough that I have to buy my own birthday/Christmas presents (with my parent's credit cards, of course). But the worst thing that comes with... Continue Reading →

My Affair with Film Scores

Whenever I put on my earbuds, they never come off, until my siblings swipe them from my ears and yell at me for listening to music while I do my work. Luckily, today my sister was at an afternoon class and my... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Reunion

It was my sister's desire for chocolate that brought me there. Or rather, my brother's abysmal stomach that led to the dearth of candy in the first place. Regardless of the reason, I still ended up in the candy aisle of the only decent discount... Continue Reading →

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